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My NBE Journey

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Hi ! I'm writing here for my future reference on my breast growth journey. I will start with the most straightforward program for about two months. I have a small conical breast with heavy at the lower part of the breast. I believe that I have low progesterone as I'm A-cup Obese with prolonging menses for 15 days. I also realize that during the ovulation day, I had my fertile fluid with menses. I have done several checks up in the hospital, but they said I need to lose my weight to balance my hormone. For the past one month, I manage to lose about 4 kg from 87 kg. I'm afraid I will lose my small breast; therefore, I choose to start NBE while dieting. 

Day 1 - Day 13 

  • Fenugreek soaked water (am/pm)
  • Vitamin D3
  • Massage both breast for 10 minutes ( am/pm)
  • Jammu homemade (traditional herbs in my country rich in estrogen) 

Day 13 - Day 15

  • Fenugreek soaked water (pm)
  • Pc cream twice a day
  • Massage both breast for 10 minutes ( am/pm)

Day 15 - Day 30 

  • Fenugreek soaked water 
  • Pc cream twice a day
  • Massage both breast for 10 minutes ( am/pm)

Is there anything left as I'm a beginner. Thank you.  Blush" alt="Blush" title="Blush">


What’s in the Jammu herb mix? Just curious.


Hi Amy

Congrats on doing great things for yourself!

It will be very hard to make progress on NBE while losing weight, so dont get discouraged.

Couple of good things tho.

As you lose waist dimensions it will give your breasts a bigger look.

Keep massage and try noogle while your losing weight. those will help keep what you have, and as your band sizes goes down, and your breasts stay the same size, you will actually be growing.. Sounds confusing, but think of the sister sizes for bras and you'll get it.

Keep a log of your measurements and taking pics will be of great importance as you move though this phase and come out the other side as a raving, slender, buxom beauty.




(08-02-2021, 12:10 AM)ShelaVenna Wrote:

What’s in the Jammu herb mix? Just curious.

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Jammu is a traditional medicine from Indonesia. It is predominantly herbal medicine made from natural materials, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. 

In Indonesia/ Malaysia / Thailand, we use tropical herbs high in estrogen.

  • Labisa pumila
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Quercus infectoria (manjakani)
  • parameria laevigata cortex
  • Curcuma zanthorrhiza (Javanese ginger)
  • Fenugreek

I have done the research, and most of the ingredients are high in estrogen.  


Tq Happyme for your advice. You help me alot. Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">

I will continue updating my NBE progression here. Hopefully, everything is going great. I can't purchase noogleberry as I'm a student. It cost too much and take a longer delivery time in my country. Hopefully massaging, progesterone cream and herbal medicine will help me to fix my breast.



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