How I went from a 34DD to a 36E in only 4 months!

No major update besides the fact I am having constant areola and nipple pain to the touch and breasts have filled out even more creating alot of constriction in my bras thinking I need to go get resized soon everything is so so tight. I bought a new Japanese bust up cream for massage on days when I dont use my herbal infused oil(those who have followed this thread know I LOVE good  Korean/Japanese bust up creams) this one is one Ive had my eye on for a while called "Wonder Bomb Bust Cream" by Sibrea straight from Japan found an excellent site for all your Japanese products for cheaper than elsewhere including supplements. This bust cream contains cell active, volufiline, placenta extract, soy extract, pomegranate extract, collagen and porphin, delivery is quick too considering its coming from Japan.


Adding in Magnesium soon

So, current routine:

1x 200mg bio identical progesterone twice a day

2x 1000mg FSO in morning with progesterone to clear out/balance excess estrogen/

2x 400mg goats rue twice daily

2x 600mg white peony root twice daily

4x 250mg BO a day

1x raw female BO + Uterine a day

2x cinnamon bark capsules a day

1x 1000mg vitamin c capsule a day

1x B12 1000mcg a day

Massage nightly with herbal oil infusion

Teas of fennel, calendula and aniseed most nights before dinner

Lastly ofcourse my 200mg bio identical estrogen pellet implanted once a year


So lil update I have managed to lose nearly 5kg strictly from drinking lots of herbal teas and eating alil healthier, no exercise! Yet have kept all my boob gains and even am growing slowly but surely! Big Grin my boobs are popping out of most of my bras and Ive gained more top tissue, I am very happy with how much flatter my tummy has gotten, yay! My mum, dad and stepdad all said they can tell and that Im looking great ^_^


Just bought tablets from Japan with hyaluronic acid, collagen and pig placenta, really great price too if anyone is interested!

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