How I went from a 34DD to a 36E in only 4 months!

So as the title states I very quickly grew my boobs and increased both my cup size AND my band size(cup volume)

I had been dipping my feet in nbe for many years on and off but got serious about 4 months ago and after much research, many product/program tweaks, eating more and strict consistency it all paid off! I will state I had already been on a 200mg Bio Identical estrogen pellet implanted once a year and 200mg Bio Progesterone twice a day for many many years which gave me decent growth but nothing like my program has!!

My first starter program consisted of:

1x 1000mcg Vitamin B12

2x 1000IU Vitamin D

1x 200mg Bio Identical Progesterone capsule


3x 600mg Fennel Capsules(switching later to 1x 400mg Goats Rue once at lunch once at Night)

1x 300mg PM capsule

with Flaxseed oil 1 capsule per breast, cling wrap each breast and
leave on for 1 to 2 hours, wash off (Major swelling afterwards)
Massage with volufiline breast cream (Korean brand Viva Korea) to capitalize on swelling from Flaxseed oil

Late Evening:

1x 200mg Progesterone Capsule

3x 1000mg Flaxseed Oil capsules

500mg Aguaje Capsules
1x 300mg Pueraria Mirifica Capsule
Massage with herbal infused oil before bed with fat brushing from sides of back to breasts and then from armpits over and up toward collarbone + 50 rotations per breast

This program gave me 2 inches of permanent growth at the bust within less than a month and a half plus a bigger firmer butt!!

I then felt like I was stalling alil so decided to change things up and after much back and forth in my head deciding whether to take the plunge with BO I decided to hell with it lets try it!!

I stopped that program and begun my now current program which consists of:

Morning: 1x 200mg Bio identical progesterone capsule

2x 1000IU Vitamin D capsules

1x 1000mcg Vitamin B12 tab


1x 430mg raw female BO/Uterine capsule

2x 1000mg Cinnamon Bark Capsules

1x 300mg PM capsule(later changed to/currently 500mg PM capsule)

Late Evening:

1x 200mg Bio identical progesterone capsule

3x 1000mg FSO capsules


2x 430mg raw female BO/Uterine capsules(these also contain pro nbe ingredients such as zinc for IGF-1, Vitamin A(fish liver oil), and Vitamin E)

1x 300mg PM capsule(later changed to/currently 500mg PM capsule)

Massage with my herbal infused oil, 50 rotations inward per breast, fat brushing from sides of back into breasts and then from armpits inward up toward collarbone

This program so far has given me alil over half an inch growth and Im still growing, the program gave me half an inch growth within only a week and half of being on it strictly

Herbal Infused oil ingredients:

.Lavender ESO

.Tea Tree ESO

.Cinnamon, Clove and Orange ESO blend

.4x 500mg Aguaje Capsules emptied

.4-5x 500mg PM Capsules emptied

.5x 600mg Fennel Capsules emptied

.4x 400mg Goats Rue Capsules emptied(recently added)

.2 full dropper vials of Watermelon Seed Oil

.Filled to brim with Sunflower Oil

Allow to sit on window seal for 2 - 3 weeks shaking thoroughly twice a day then use once infused

I am also waist training (have lost an inch on my waist so far with consistent use) and having fruit smoothies/smoothie bowls a few times a week with fruits such as banana, blueberries, mango, raspberries and peaches.

Bras are DEFINITELY more expensive the bigger your boobs get the bra store I went to was having a 60% off sale but any bras that carried my size werent on sale and I ended up having to buy 2 bras for $180aud but boy am I proud and in love with them!



Also for anyone wondering a band size increase is also a cup volume increase so thats a whole cup size plus band size/cup volume increase I had, link below:


This is an amazing and clear guide, thank you for sharing it and congrats on the growth! Hoping my band size will also increase at some point.


The girls have been extra full lately, my new 36E cup bras are very firmly fitting I can tell they are still growing, I have ordered Swansons Ovarian glandular to increase my intake of BO without an overdosing on zinc from the Raw Female so I plan to continue my current program with Cinnamon Bark + PM + Rawfemale BO/Uterine but with an extra 250mg Swansons BO at night and possibly ramping up slowly (MAYBE since its already been so strong for me). I have been increasing my intake of fruits such as pineapple, dragonfruit, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and mangos in healthy smoothies daily for breakfast and at night to take my supplements, some of these fruits are touted as pro nbe fruits.


So I just thought Id measure again tonight and I have grown half an inch at fullest part of bust now I am measuring at 41 inches!! Still continuing my same program with massage, BO/Uterine, PM, FSO capsules, Bio Identical progesterone capsules etc, not sure if this is half an inch of swelling or permanent so we will see, so far all my other increases have been permanent.


Fabulous progress! Out of curiosity, what is you under bust measurement?

(15-02-2021, 10:20 PM)James98 Wrote:  Fabulous progress! Out of curiosity, what is you under bust measurement?

Still 33 as my signature states and recent resize is 36E


So I finally got my Swansons BO in the mail yesterday and am now taking an extra 250mg ontop of my rawfemale, PM etc and boy when I tell you last night the pains I was having in my boobs my areolas got swollen I was having jolting and aching in my boobs which I had not felt since beginning days of taking rawfemale, I will continue with this extra 250mg BO dosage ontop of everything else and lets see how this goes!


BTW is it just me or does Swanson BO STINK!! even my partner smelt the capsules and said so, since its straight BO and not mixed with zinc, vitamin A/E etc like raw female Im guessing thats why, note to self never smell them again before taking nearly couldnt stomach it lol!!


Lil update since adding the extra 250mg of swansons BO I have had the sorest mammary glands, nipples and areolas I have not had pain like this since I first started hrt just before I turned 16 its intense I also have little nodules under my areolas like Im "budding" all over again I am continuing with massage but going to particularly focus on massaging them out as suggested on one of fertility queens videos. BO really is the real deal!!


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