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Fresh Thread - PM programme

Bit about me 

- I'm 20 years old, weight 58kg/127lb, 5'7"

- 34AA

- I think I'm estrogen low & androgen high from an online test. I've always had acne/oily skin & had stages of lots of hair coming out when I washed it

- Gym 2/3 times a week, mostly focusing on my bum


Borage Oil - Tried but it made me break out horribly on my cheeks. 

Noogling - Been Noogling for a year but short breaks here & there.

Heating Pad - Use very irregularly but sometimes before & after noogling. 

Maca, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng - x 1 capsule daily (including all 3) to regulate hormones. 

Reishi - x 1 daily to reduce free T converting to DHT. 

PM - Starting taking x 1 daily, days 2-13 of cycle of Ainterol PM but in my 3rd month I have upped to x 2 daily, days 2-13. 

Spearmint Tea - Been really bad at sticking to this but every so often have drank a cup. 

Rigevidon BCP > 30 mcg Ethinylestradiol (oestrogen) and 150 mcg Levonorgestrel (progesterone) - Been on & off this particular bcp for years & I've never had issue with it really. 

Flaxseed oil/Fenugreek massage - Started recently after my shower to increase absorption. Don't much like FG because of it's smell! I'd say it's more like curry than maple syrup


How I'm going to continue:

PM capsules - I'm going to try 1 more month but only 1x daily, 500mg, day 2-13, once I buy a PM cream. Don't want to go over the limit but may increase later

PM Cream/Spray - Iled34aa seemed to have luck with the St Herb nano cream. Marytay seemed to grow from the Ainterol spray

Massage with coconut oil/flaxseed oil - Every morning & evening, 300 rotations inwards and use heating pad in the evening

Noogle - 1-2 hours on weekdays & heat before/after. Since starting again my boobs have been quite sore & I did pump & hold for 30 mins x 2/3 times

Reishi - Continue taking although I haven't exactly seen a difference but I think my hair has been falling out less. Can't be sure though because I switched shampoo!
Maca, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng - Going to continue
Spearmint Tea - x2 daily to keep T low 

MSM? - Iled34aa seemed to have good growth from it but she was taking a lot of other things so not 100% sure 

Greenbush? - Could take during luteal like Notsobusty did

Goats Rue? - Anyone know much about GR? Someone said it wakes up the mammary glands. Maybe I need that coz these girls need to wake up!!

Might try binaural beats/subliminals every evening. Will post when I have decided!

I've narrowed down the focus on increasing my E & lowering my T. I'm on my 3rd month of PM & I've had no sensations/growth at all & it seems as though most people get some kind of sensations or clear skin within the first couple months. My body isn't reacting to the estrogen properly. I had a long break from noogling because I had a broken capillary that is stubborn but I've decided to start again & just be more careful, making sure I'm fully oiled up haha.
Will do another post to update my decision of what to take next!


To be very honest with you, I haven't made up my mind on what to do. I was considering PC cream but the more I read about it, the more it scares me & seeing as I haven't had my hormones tested, I don't think it's the right step to take.

I have some borage oil (which I stopped taking because it made me break out) which I'm trying out again but during my luteal phase. I've read that omega 6 is good for luteal phase to increase progesterone & omega 3 is good for follicular so I will be ordering some fish oil. Maca, Zinc and Vitamin C can also increase P which I take anyway so I figured this should be enough to help raise my progesterone. 

I will also be drinking spearmint ONLY during follicular for the focus on lowering testosterone.

On to the exciting stuff, I've been Noogling this week 1-2 hours & holding for about 30 mins-1 hr each time & my boobs feel sore & full! No visible growth but I'm just happy to know that they're having some kind of response to it haha. I've also been keeping up with my massaging before & using my heating pad before, after & before bed. I think this definitely helps. Seeing as I've only just started noogling again, I think I'll give PM another month & take for 3 weeks instead of 2, just to see how the two work together. I think I'm right in saying noogling can help receptors (increase receptors?) so maybe this will help PM actually be detected in my body. 

I will also be doing binaural beats for at least 30 mins daily + hypnosis before bed. There are lots of free videos on youtube. I did my first hypnosis yesterday & I have to say it really helps you get in the zone of visualisation. I watched a video & a woman said she grew a cup size JUST from doing visualisation, talking to her body to grow & self love. Our minds are more powerful than we think! Attached links below for anyone interested.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdG4JO4pp6Q (hypnosis)


A positive update! Woo!Big Grin So I'm on day 12 of my cycle & I've been taking the following:


- Maca + Gingko Biloba

- PM x 500mg 2 daily

- MSM 1000mg

- Reishi

- Fish Oil

- Probiotic (not NBE related)

It's not very fun taking so many pills in the morning but I figured a few of these things are good for general health rather than hormonally affecting me. I was at my boyfriends for a bit so I didn't get to noogle for nearly a week & my boobs haven't deflated at all. In fact they feel the fullest they've ever been even during my first week of my period! I wouldn't say visibly bigger, only feel but I'm still happy with the progress.

I was listening to the hypnosis a few times a week & binaural beats every now & then but have got a bit lazy woops. I'll try listen to them more regularly. But what I have been doing is visualising my ideal boobs before I go to sleep & writing 'I will grow!' in my affirmations daily. 

Like I mentioned, I will be continuing PM till day 21 & seeing how this goes. This marks my 4th month I believe so I might take a break after but I'll see how it goes. I'm also considering buying PM cream so maybe I could try that the next month.



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