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Going to list my DD/E and C cup domes from Gismostore.com only been used twice.

Hi my name is Lilly and I used to have an account on this website a long time ago. I forgot my login details so I have made a new account. I want to list my dome kit on eBay for about £80, as I’ve only use it twice . I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing my bra domes and the device it comes with. Its originally from the website Gismostore.com 

It is an excellent kit, its just that I have opted to get a procedure done to my boobs because they are very saggy and I am not able to use the machine well. I am only 25 but I and I am very insecure about my boobs.  I don’t think any vaccum device will help me at this point. I went through a period where I fluctuated my weight in a short amount of time so it’s caused my boobs to sag a lot.  Please let me know if you will be interested in purchasing my XL and medium domes. I will attach the listing to this post soo. Many thanks.


Hi Lilly

One of our longtime members just had her breasts done

Since you didnt mention what your procedure Here is her solution.


Jennifer has done it, and I know you will be amazed

post 451 if it doesnt take you there directly

If you have time her whole thread is fascinating, and amazing



Hi Lilly- I might be interested. I’m looking to pick up a used bosom beauty set, since they are so expensive. I’m looking for large or extra large domes, cushions, a smart box, bra and in the long run a single-side adapter and two air locks. (I have been looking at the 

Rechargeable Bosom Beauty 2012 Fully Automatic Boost Brava Breast style system with Cushioned Cups

Which I can get with a coupon for $189 online.

Could you describe/send pictures of what you’ve got?



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