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How I gained 2 cups!
Did you still have to massage or noogle during the three months?

Cely! I'm so happy for you, girl!!

I remember you started taking MSM+vitC long time ago - consistency pays off defff!! =)

Ohhh BO nipple cream <3 it's so awesome right?

I am thinking in trying PM topically as well Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">


Hi sweeto,

Yes, systemic medications don’t work for me... I don t know why...maybe not a lot of blood flow in my boobs ?

I’ll post here when I try topical DIY Pm cream


No i cant

Noogle because I live with my boyfriend and don’t wanna tell him about boobs, I massage the cream and then I cover.

Also I know you said you use a little aloe vera gel, but how much exactly (like a teaspoon, tablespoon, etc?)

Like 10mL i Guess,

Half part Of the mixture BO and half part aloe vera.

I forgot to say that after a month i used borage oil insted of aloe vera.

Oh ok thanks!


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