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Purchase sheep placenta

hi all,

I cant purchase my placenta, maybe there are restriction restriction son my country (i live in eu)

I cant purchase it on swanson.co.uk or amazon.

Any ideas?

Please help Sad" alt="Sad" title="Sad">

I need placenta in eu!!!


Hi, try:


I hope you can purchase through there, that’s where I got my BO =)


Good, so is desertcard reliable?


(17-11-2020, 11:37 AM)Cely Wrote:

Good, so is desertcard reliable?

The ordering and payment felt safe and I was pleased with their customer service when ordering as well. How ever my package was stuck in border customs for a almost a whole week and while that isn’t Desertcarts fault, during the two days I tried to reach customer service they were mystically unavailable... you can only reach them via chat which is also a minus. I ordered the 10th of October and had my product the 30th  of October. But they do update every movement of your product which you can follow with tracking number.

I would order from them again, considering I haven’t found another way to purchase BO to an affordable price.


I ordered pig placenta from:


They were really great and faster too. They don’t sell Swanson though, and I don’t know about specifically sheep, but I can really recommend this site.


Thank u, i saw marauman placenta on dokodemo yesterday and i like it.

about desertcart i see they ship from usa, so are there any taxes applied?

Few years ago i purchased swanson BO from swanson Europe and Uk Amazon, but now it’s difficult to purchase glandulars outside the usa.

Have u ever tried pueraria mirifica? I’m interested in swanson pm.

Right now it’s Also difficult to find a PM store in eu.

I dont know what brands really works. I’m intrerested in ladies pm used by chiyomilk but right here it Doesent exist.


Oh yes there was taxes but I've deleted the receipt so I dont know the cost, sorry. I bought the Marumans placenta 15000mg and was very pleased with it, but FYI it is 15000mg per 3 pills, so 1 pill = 5000mg..! So you might want to purchase more than 1 while you're at it.

Yeah I wish there was a manufacturer selling glandulars in europe to make it easier and cheaper =( Pueraria as well is hard to get here, I have the Bioeva brand which I read more bad reviews about compared to other brands but it was the only one I could get my hands on. I stopped taking it since I started a BO program, but I experimented with it for about 2 cycles in lower doses (broke the capsules in half and mixed with my tea) and got very nice swelling from it, at least in luteal phase. I might try it again later but I'm letting my body adjust to the BO for at least another month.

I did'nt know swanson had PM, but the brand I read the most good reviews about is Ainterols PM. Dokodemo also sells PM products but I don't know about their quality, it seems many of them are more fillers and cheaper herbs with just a little bit PM so I you have to read the ingredients carefully. I have also searched for chiyomilks ladies pueraria with no luck, it seems everything chiyomilk related is completely deleted from the internet sadly!


How much placenta are u shallow?


Definitely. It is 90 pills per package in the Maruman, I took 3 per day ^^



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