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Do noogleberry silicone rings fit bosom beauty?

The bosom beauty foam rings are great for medium or high pressure pumping, but they don’t work for the low pressure pumping I’ve been doing lately. I wanna try out the noogleberry silicone rings, but don’t wanna waste money if they don’t fit.


Nvmd. I forgot that NB silicone rings only fit large and extra large domes. I’m going to try using “camper tape” instead. I remember it being a decent padding solution years ago when I first started noogling. I stopped noogling for a few years because high pressure/short duration pumping did not work out for me. From what little I remember about the camper tape, it seems like it could maintain a seal at the low pressure I’m using nowadays.


I’m interested in this topic, too - I’m hoping to find a used Bosom Beauty in large/extra large (if anyone has one!?) and would like to e able to use the new silicone rings if they fit... does anyone know?



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