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Any success with 1 hour a day NBE?

has anybody had success using a noogleberry or similar system one hour per day? Please share!  Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">



Hi Mowe,

As with all things NBE, it takes time.

The general rule of thumb is 200 hours of noogle before the changes begin to stick.

If your diligent and stick with the hour a day, you should have success.

Personally I found that the best results came when I was able to get a session in before the swelling of the previous one went away.

Of course that doesnt happen very often. But after say a month or so, you should see a longer lasting effect from the noogleberry, and you should be able to piggy back on your previous days success.

Also dont forget you will get fullness from noogleberry so the tape measure wont show much growth.

Take pics and they will tell you your progress.

Be careful too!




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