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"Some people have all of the luck!"

I feel that way about every woman. I have lopsided tubular breasts and I feel inferior to every woman because of it. I feel like Quasimodo and can't for the life of me understand how any woman could not appreciate the fact that she has normal breasts. No one does, of course, since having normal breasts comes with being a woman. Well, not for me.

I am obsessed with boobs, I always look at other women's chests.

I wish I could wear nice tops. I am even afraid of looking good, wearing make up and sexy clothes, because I would only be fooling people and I'd be getting to know men who care about looks and then they'd get THIS underneath. 
I feel like every other woman has what I want because it is so damn normal and they just don't care.

When women with normal boobs complain about them I feel even uglier in comparison. 

No offense to anyone here, if I had small normal boobs, I'd be over the moon, but I'd probably still do NBE. But I'd love and appreciate them nevertheless. But I also understand what it's like to either hate a body part of yours or to hate yourself entirely. I feel deformed as an entity and I believe that this has a lot to do with my mental issues. 
I take other's problems seriously as long as they are being sincere about them (not a skinny mini going around complaining to overweight people how fat she is because she is trying to fish for compliments). So even while it is beyond my comprehension how any woman with normal breasts could not be happy about having them, I can relate to the feeling of disliking or even despising your own body.


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