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Want to start PM

Hi all, i want to purchase Ainterol PM but not sure if it could work on me.

-My butt/legs is bigger then my upper part (i’m skinny anyway) and i dont want fatty legs and big hips, just breast growt

-i’m an AA cup, i weight 110 pounds for 5,2’ height

-i tried BO for 3 months but wasnt working

-i have acne, oily skin and a lot of body hair


Should PM works on me without gaining fatty legs?


(03-09-2020, 10:47 AM)AimDcups Wrote:

Should PM works on me without gaining fatty legs?

3 months is too short a time, you need to try a program for at least 6 months before you stop it.

For now, you must block your testosterone. I suggest you take 3000mg of B5 (pantothenic acid). Thsi will stop oily skin and prevent too much body hair.

Then use only 250mg (max 500mg) of PM -- NOT MORE. More will NOT work.

Also, try 100mg of DIM every day - this will help metabolize the PM in your body and prevent acne caused by estrogen. The B5 (pantothenic acid) will stop acne caused by testosterone. That's how I stopped acne - I drink both B5 and DIM (Di-indylolmethane).

Good luck.



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