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BO and yeast infections...?

Hello NBE sisters,

I am new to this forum and oh so happy it exists! I am an NBE newbie, and I’ve always been intrigued by natural medicine. Anyways, my boob goals is to be a full C cup (that’s me being greedy, a small C would be fine too) and I’m currently a 36B— almost there!! With that said, I’m looking to grow PERMANENT gains. A little bit of medical history: I’m 24 and 140 pounds ( kinda over weight). Oh! And ever since I took birth control about 6 months ago I have chronic yeast infections. When I was on the pill if I ate too much sugar, I’d get an infection. I’ve been off the pill for about 5 month now and took Sawnson’s BO 250 mg twice a day and immediately got a yeast infection. Was super bummed about it, and quickly treated myself with boric acid suppositories and continued treatment. A week later, I’m done with My 7 day boric acid treatment and am still taking BO, next morning I wake up with slight genital itching. NO!!! Super bummed. I was even taking a probiotic with my BO! Anywho, I stopped BO for now until I find an additional supplement that will prevent me from getting yeast infections from BO. I’m now n a refrigerated probiotic and a Candida Support supplement. Should I wait for my hormones to level out from the pill? I was on it for about a year. Do I have estrogen dominance? Any secret supplement to prevent yeastiness while on BO? Or should I give up on BO entirely? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Grow on my NBE sisters! -CCmelon


I've heard of this happening to some. Supposedly, too much estrogen causes yeast infections, which is the case for women who take BO. Maybe you can try some DIM (lowers and balance estrogen levels) and increase your progesterone a bit and try BO again? Coconut oil does wonders for killing off yeast. Just start off taking small amounts. Candex is also a good product for keeping yeast under control. I wish you well with your NBE journey!



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