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Fenugreek oil massage

Hey everyone!!

I really want to make a fenugreek oil, but I don’t know how should I do.

Do I grind the seeds and mix with olive oil?? or is there a better option?? Shoul I mix it with fennel?? and what about aloe vera? Is it okay to use together or not?

Thank you so much!!!!



I ordered fenugreek powder as well as fenugreek seeds. They say you should grind the seeds with an electric coffee grinder, I don't have one, so I use my pepper grinder. James (a user on here) said that as a carrier oil you should use either almond, coconut or aloe vera oil. So you mix the fenugreek with the oil and let it soak for a couple of days. That's how I am doing it (I use coconut oil atm), the only thing I do not know is how much fenugreek I should use for 100mL oil for example.



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