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Accidental LACTATION??

Hi everyone,

I’m so confused and really hope to receive any advice or knowledge on this.

So due to reasons I switched programs from noogling to massaging. The first two weeks before I knew what I was doing, the massages were more exploring than anything during short sessions for about 10 minutes and very inconsistent.

Learning more from these threads and watching some videos I’m now applying a proper 30-40 minutes session including 400 chi rotations, deer massage 50 rotations and fat brushing. I am 5 days into this program and since 2 days back I massage 2 times a day (so about 1 hour / day) and more vigorously towards the end, as I learned it is helpful to be little rough.

I always make sure to massage to the point were I feel increased heat, and that itching feeling from blood rushing to the area. 

And so today I’m standing in my bathroom, head phones plugged in listening to a podcast while massaging away. I did notice a very slight swelling to the breast when I woke up, but nothing extraordinary. I’m trying out this new method (from an old thread here, unfortunately I can’t find it now) were you press the breast flat down against your palm and well, suddenly liquid SQUIRTS out of my nipple!!!

I was a stunned, If I wouldn’t have seen it in the mirror myself I wouldn’t have believed it!

It wasn’t creamy but same consistency as water but with a cloudy color. As milk mixed with water. 

I tried squeezing out some more and got a few droplets out and that was it. This was from my left breast which is smaller. I massages my right breast in the same manner but nothing came out.

I’m just so confused, I don’t have children. I know induced lactation is a thing but was under the impression that this takes A LOT of effort to achieve without the natural process of pregnancy and birth?

I know part of the pros of massaging is raising prolactin, I guess this might be part of it?

I’f it is due to raised prolactin levels, will that affect other hormones such as progesterone and estrogen?

Am I risking an imbalance here?

The only supplements I’m using at the moment is fenugreek and PC

Has this happened to anyone else?? Really any insight here would be greatly appreciated, I didn’t even think of this as possible...

Thanks in advance



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