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Tuberous or small breasts?

Hi! Long time lurker but first time poster. I've messed up my first time doing a NBE program 2 years ago (took too much PM with no breaks in between cycles) and stopped after having bad side effects. I decided to educate myself more this time and try again.

I wanted to diagnose whether I have tuberous breasts before I begin again so I find a program that's better suited for those with tuberous breasts or get it corrected before doing anything else. I've always had pointy small breasts but wasnt sure if they look like they're shaped pointy or look like they are mildly tuberous, would love your opinions!

<meta charset="utf-8">https://imgur.com/a/WiDIxnq


Hello and welcome!

Unfortunately, imgur is telling me that your picture doesn't exist. Would you mind checking the address?



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