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Help with my program

Hey everyone, so I’ve been reading everything here, all the threads and then I created my own progamme, but I would like to have your opinion!!

  • Folicular phase:

2 PM (before bed)

1 tablet Whitex (placenta)


  • Period:

1 PM

1 tablet whitex (placenta)

Vitex tea

  • Luteal phase:

1 tablet whitex (placenta)

Vitex tea

On going:

Massage everyday 

Here is a pic of me rn and where I want to get, unfortunately I don’t know my american size. I don’t want to grow sooo much, so I hope I can get there. 



I can’t attach the pictures, can anyone help me??

I know about this issue and am looking to find a fix, but in the meantime the problem can be avoided by choosing a different theme to use.

If you have the problem with attaching images you'll be using the Mod Rose or Mod Blue themes, so if you select another theme, i.e anything but Mod Rose or Mod Blue, which leaves 8 to choose from, you should find that images attach OK.

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No PM during your period, extra estrogen causes the uterus to contract which then leads to spotting throughout your cycle because your uterus was blocked early than normal.

Even taking PM at end of period can lead to a few days of spotting because there was still blood left inside.



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