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I need help with my program

Hey, everyone!

I'll introduce myself, I’m 21 years old, I am from Brazil and I really want to increase my boobs, I’m not sure about their size because here we have a different way to count it. but they are really small.

I’ve bought PM from biovea and I’ve been taking it twice a day, for 32 days but it have messed up my period, and also a couple days ago I found this forum! So, if you could help me sending me some threads or saying about yours, whats do you recomend!!!

Thank you so much

Basic nbe is to massage your breasts with oil for 5 minutes at least once a day. Use almond or aloe vera oil with some fenugreek mixed in. Fenugreek can be purchased as an oil, but most common as seeds or powder. If seeds, then grind to a fine powder with an electric coffee grinder. Mix powder with oil and let soak for one week stirring occasionally.

More advanced, add pumping with a system like Bosom Beauty http://www.gismostore.com/rechargeable-b...m-170.html
or Noogleberry https://www.noogleberry.com/

There are many threads on additional herbal techniques.

Hello dear,

Pm should be cycled from day 5-6 after period to day 14-15 of cycle. Then you stop until you get your period, then start again after your period is over.

If you take too much PM it can either give you a very short cycle, or a very long one.

Ounce you find Your sweet spot (dosage) , do not increase dosage over time. Stick to the same dosage.

Focus on eating healthy and being in a light caloric surplus.

Lastly, don’t overthink NBE. It takes time.


Hi and welcome.

To follow up with the other posters, here are my 2 favorite massage threads:


I'm guessing you are thin so give this thread a look see:


Now the important part

This is a slow processes..like YEARS worth so dont become discouraged. Take pics if you can and try to use the same lighting and posture for a good comparison.

Take measurements, because either the pics or the tape will lie to you about your growth so its good to have a choice.

Dont obsess either. Enjoy the trip..you'll get there and there is a lot of help here if you need it.




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