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Hi! I have discovered that pueraria doesn't work for my body. I have 5 bottles of unopened Ainterol Pueraria, and one unopened Barlows pueraria(I have a ton more opened but I'd never take someone's opened supplements so I won't even try to get rid of those). Anyway..these are going in the trash tomorrow if no one claims then. I'd  be sad just to toss them as they were expensive so I thought I might as well try to give them away. I would ship them to you and I'm even willing to pay shipping if it's in the USA.

Try reposting in the market place section, I’m sure you’ll get a reply.  Especially with such a major brand.  PM lasts a while so I’d save 1 bottle just in case.  Often it fails due to hormone imbalance, nutritional issues or etc.  Sometimes it’s as simple as progesterone cream but most of the time it’s much more complicated.  If you get that sorted out you might try a minimal amount of PM in the future, perhaps even opening up capsules to gradually start with less.

Great thanks!



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