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Help with keeping boobs while losing weight.

I’ve been losing weight since January of this year. I’ve lost 37 lbs so far, and at first I was excited since the majority of the weight was coming off my waist, I’ve lost 5 inches off my waist so far.

Through this journey I was losing a couple of centimeters from my boobs and hips, (minimal compared to my waist). But this morning was my weigh-in and measurements day, and I lost 1cm Off my waist, 1 off my hips and 4cm off my chest, I’ve never lost that much in such little time. The last time that I weighed myself was 2 weeks ago.

In total I’ve lost 9 cm from my boobs, 13 cm from my waist and 4 from my hips. I’m not mad about my hips because I strenght train, so while my hips are decreasing, my butt has a much better shape than it used to have, but now I have no idea what to do with my boobs.

I’ve been drinking daily a smoothie that consists of:

-1 cup of soy milk

-1 tbsp of ground flaxseed

-15 drops of fenugreek extract

-2 grams of maca powder

-vanilla extract


Any ideas if doing NBE while losing weight is possible? I’m desperate, I want to be at a healthy BMI I still have about 24 lbs to go, but I really don’t want to lose my former DDD boobs.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Congrats on your weight loss, it is good to hear that you are trying to reach a healthy BMI!

Since you have lost quite a bit of weight so far and plan on losing even more, I would mainly focus on preventing your breasts from sagging for now. Massage them with oil daily. I wouldn't use a breast pump that stretches your skin while you are in the process of losing weight.

As far as herbs go, I am no expert on that, so hopefully somebody else will chime in and help you out with that!

Take care

Mostly don’t cut the healthy carbs like whole grains, dry (not canned) beans, and nuts.  Eat in abundance along with tons of fresh strongly colored veggies.  Much less of all other foods.  Refined carbs you can and should cut all day long.  Don’t go overboard on protein either.  Excessive protein shrinks boobs tremendously.  I think it’s only very large amounts though and I’m guessing it’s because it displaces other foods (like healthy carbs) rather than shrinking them directly.  But I don’t know for sure why there are so many complaints about this in other dietary forums.

Besides that some shrinkage may be unavoidable with weight loss except by growing with NBE.  Weight loss is almost always across the whole body.  Corset training is maybe an option for spot reduction, though it only goes so far, doesn’t improve health like actual weight loss, you should take precautions to avoid risk and don’t overdo it in general.  Though if you’re already a healthy weight then more actual weight loss is unnecessary and many women underestimate what’s healthy.

Other general NBE tips in my sig threads, including herbs.


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