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Any advice on my proposed program would be appreciated:)!
>Hey everyone I’m really new here, it’s been so fun to read about everyone’s progress and completely different programs, just shows how you just have to keep going until it works for you! Shy" alt="Shy" title="Shy">

I’m trying to avoid herb pills as much as possible as I’m only 18 and a half so don’t want to mess up my hormones as I may potentially still be growing (one can dream Big Grin" alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin"> ).  I started my period when I was 11, and honestly think my boobs stopped growing at 13. 

I’m a 32A at a stretch, right breast leaves gaps in 32A bras, left breast fills it. I am 5”7 and about 124 pounds so I’ve got quite a slim figure in that I have slim legs (but quite muscly thighs but I play rugby so that’s probably why), a toned stomach, but my arms and upper body area are literally like a stick. I have an alright ass for my size but then it just looks a bit stupid with my lack of boobs. 

I went to VS about a year ago and the lady said I was a 30B but I think she just said that to make me feel more confident and to buy something, but I always wear the tightest setting on my 32 band bras with ease but bra sizing confuses me as one 32A bra fits fine but another just has gaps (tend to be the underwired one as my breasts are fuller at the bottom then at the top). 

Lol sorry I literally am just telling you all about me. I’m on the combined BC pill right now but didn’t notice any increase in breast growth when I started going on it. But for that reason I don’t intend to cycle anything as I don’t have an ‘actual cycle’. 

I ordered BreastActives but thank god I found this site as am now sending them back unopened as I’m not going to waste money on something that’s purely a scam. I find it disgusting how people actually take money to write fake reviews, like you’re literally playing on someone’s insecurity to make money out of it Angry" alt="Angry" title="Angry">

Anyway rant over! I guess I’m here just to seek out advice from you guys as you all know how it feels to not be satisfied with your breasts.
>So I’m going to start a program after spending hours looking over this site- maybe if I see any growth I may post pics but not right now as they’re so small hehe. My absolute dream would be a full 32B just so when I stand in the mirror it actually looks like I have something there. Especially when I eat a shit ton of food and my tummy sticks out more than my boobs that is depressing... Blush" alt="Blush" title="Blush">

I need to shut up now, here’s my proposed program!


  • Vitamin C and Vitamin D tablets (take these anyway).

  • Fat glass of soy milk

  • 25g of flaxseeds

  • 15 minute massage with flaxseed oil- wasn’t too keen on fenugreek as I’ve read it can cause weight gain in other places and I can't afford that if it doesn't go to my boobs Wink" alt="Wink" title="Wink">


  • 15 minute massage with flaxseed oil

  • 30 minutes of listening to binaural beats.

Any advice would be really appreciated as I think you’re all amazing for sharing your programs and supporting each other through what can be slow progress. In particular if you guys have any specific massage techniques and binaural beats that you love!!! I’ve tried clicking links on here to videos but I think because the posts are from around 2013 the links no longer exist.. Sad" alt="Sad" title="Sad">

Hope everyone’s doing okay in lockdown it’s such a strange time Shy" alt="Shy" title="Shy">


I've been doing massages with olive oil for about 2 weeks and have been doing the flaxseed oil for about 3 days- and haven't felt ant soreness with either, am I doing it wrong? Also would anyone suggest using a mix of the 2 oils or just flaxseed oil by itself??



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