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PM has fixed my irregular periods, but no progress with NBE
Hi guys,

About 4 years ago when I first got into NBE, I discovered this website and have mostly been a silent lurker. About 2 years ago, things changed and my NBE game took a back seat. While I was actively into it though, I definitely saw results, albeit not huge, but they were permanent. I started with a 34A, and am now a comfortable 34B.

So now, on to my decade-long struggle with irregular periods. I'm 24, and have always had irregular menstrual cycle. No issues with PCOS, no BC - it was just always out of whack. Tried a lot of things. Vitex seemed to work really well, but once I ran out of one bottle, I didn't really repurchase because once I started PM (just once a day), I noticed I started getting my periods on time, and by time, I mean like clockwork. However, it's come at a steep price of hormonal acne and occasional PMS. I've never had either before. Acne, yes; hormonal acne, no.

So yeah, that's where I am now. Though PM has regulated my cycle, it seems to only sporadically work for my NBE (not sure if that's normal?). Some months, it causes swelling and my boobs seem to go up half a cup, only for them to deflate the following month and go down to what looks like 34A to me right now Sad

Btw, I do cycle PM (stop using it once period starts), and some days I miss it when I feel like it's not doing anything.

I'd really appreciate some insight by my better informed fellow readers into what may be happening, and why I'm not seeing any results with PM for NBE anymore. 



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