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12 days on BO update (wow!)

I started BO 12 days ago. I take 2x 250mg capsules of Swanson's Ovarian Glandular each night before bed. I may increase this dose to 3x capsules if my progress stops.

I had some immediate swelling after 24hrs, no change to growth but my chest looked fuller and felt heavier. 

Yesterday I saw some gal pals that I hadn't seen in a month and one of their first comments was that my boobs are noticeably bigger! For reference, I started at a 32B (I swell up to a 32C before and during my period, but 32B otherwise). 

Yesterday was about day 8 of my cycle which is usually when my boobs are at their smallest. But they look the biggest they ever had (haven't changed diet, exercise, gained weight etc). 

I'm supplementing the BO with nightly breast massage for about half an hour, to try and make the swelling more permanent. I already have good thyroid activity and get enough iodine so I'm not taking any thyroid supplements.

No side effects so far other than some twinges in my ovaries each day (similar to ovulation pain) and tender boobs. The strangest but most welcome side effect has been that I've been feeling much more flirty, feminine and 'glowing'. I'm not sure if it's affecting pheromones or if I'm just giving off certain vibes, but men I work with or see at the gym are being verrrry friendly...

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll update this thread every few weeks if anyone is interested! Going to take some measurements tonight so I can tell if there have been changes to growth over time.



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