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Wearing Bra During NBE & Breast Shape

Hi all!  So I tried NBE before and was only able to go up one cup size (went from an 'A' to a 'B' but now its back down to an 'A').  I am about to re-start my NBE journey and this time I am hoping for more growth, but I also want to try to get a more round shape than I had last time.  I have an extreme teardrop shape, where there is no volume on top and all of it sits in the lower half.  More tissue seemed to accumulate closer to my armpits rather than the center of my chest, too.  And I pretty much never wear a bra - I'm wondering if that has an impact on the way they grow?

This time around, I am thinking about wearing a bra regularly (almost daily) and seeing if the support helps encourage development of a better shape.  Or will it not make a difference?  Anyone else have any experiences with this? TY!


Hi Sarah

I think you would do well using Nooleberry or one of the other suction devices, ( check the suction section on the forum).

The most important thing to remember is to NOT over do it!

You cant suck a DD out in a week. There are also many stories about the dangers, so you must be careful and use your head.

Massage and exercise are very useful too. Here are 2 of my favorite threads


I think the jury is still out on the bra question.

Logic tells me that a free hanging weight will tend to sag lower over time as the things holding it up get weaker.

So if you were to support that weight you would be better off.

I like to use Walcoal bralettes. There is no underwire, your supported but still comfortably free.

Ebay has them at much better prices than most store.




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