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So I've spent a LOT of time reading through threads on here and I've come to a conclusion I want to start on BO. 

A little background info on me:
- I'm 5'7, 58kg
- 34AA
- Had acne as a teen and still have quite acne prone thing (something I'm a little worried about getting worse with NBE)
- 20 years old, no children
- Pretty active, workout 3 days a week and I'm currently trying to gain weight (bulking ish) so I'm hitting around 2500 calories a day
- Noogle 5 days a week 
- Use Zhi Mu every morning and night 
- Would like to avoid any hormone supplements as it scares me a little  Sad
From about Sept 2019 I started Noogling and was very inconsistent so I don't think it did much for me. From about Jan 2020 I told myself as a NY revolution I would Noogle consistently  Big Grin and to be fair, I have stuck to it. I noogle 5 days a week as I heard that was recommended to give your boobs a little break. I went away in Feb so had a week off and got back Noogling and it's been 8 weeks. Over the past 4 months I guess I can see a little plumpness but not sure if that's the Zhi Mu as I only recently got that in the post. (Corona really effecting postage damn  Huh )
I'm currently having a week break from Noogling as I heard it's good to have a week break after 8 weeks or so. I want to get started on Swanson's BO as well as raw pituitary. I found this program that somebody else posted and found it really interesting:


Quite curious to try it out and see if that'll kick start my AA boobs!! 

So here are my questions... (sorry about rambling) 

1. I am pretty sure i have a low body temperature. I will double check once my thermometer comes in the post. What are the best ways to increase my body temp? Heard coconut oil is good. Want to minimise the amount of pills so don't really want to be taking thyroid or adrenal supplements! Heard they can be dangerous too!

2. Should I flush my body out a week before taking BO? Does apple cider vinegar and lemon sound like a good plan? How much 
and how many times a day?

3. Is there a certain amount of time I should try BO before giving up? (if it doesn't work) Of course I don't want to waste money and 
maybe cause more harm than good! 

4. Acne is something I worry about a lot and especially reading on other people's posts. Has Spearmint tea worked for a lot of you guys? Any other recommendations? 

I think that's all for now and I hope to order soon so I can get started on the cleanse and then BO!  Tongue Quite excited but nervous at the same time!

Hope everyones happy and safe during this crazy pandemic!

Hi dear,

Great to hear that you are trying to be on a caloric surplus. That is the best way to go on NBE.

Both PM and BO are hormonal Big Grin" alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin"> , but don’t worry if taken in adequate amount they tend to regulate hormones, it’s only if you take too much that things can go out of whack. As for safety, the ovaries are far from the cow brain so don’t worry about Mad cow.

You need to do BO between 3-6 months before you can really know if it’s for you or not

You should be able to see some non breast  changes within a month.



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