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DreamKist's Noogle Stopper

I know most newer members won't remember me. I was an OG member of the older forum, which I think has been archived now. I haven't posted as much since the site was revamped a while back but I'm still around. 

So I realized while I was updating some old posts on Noogleberry that I never actually shared this post with the breastnexus forum. Back in 2015 I created a different type of solution to the nipple/areola issue. Everyone was using tape and bandaids, and I knew from my own use that it would never do Long-Term... which is exactly what the noogle journey is: Long-Term. I tested out my methods and theories through-out 2015 before sharing it to the Noogleberry forum in 2016. I updated my post again in 2018. Nothing has really changed in my design, and I know that other users on breastnexus have seen my post on the Noogleberry forum and tried out my methods.

I decided to share the thread here (FINALLY) so that y'all don't have to ask for it. I KNOW I said i'd share it ages ago, but oooh well, here it is:


lol most of you who are on both forums, will most likely have already seen it on Noogleberry when i originally shared it, or when I updated it.

Nothing has really changed about my design. I still re-use toilet paper rolls of various custom-cut heights, because the original pringles cans were too rigid. I use pringles lids for the first step in my medium cups. I also started cutting out round circles of thin cardboard (cereal box like) to act as more flexible tops to the TP rolls. I need to include these because the pringles lids are only good in the medium cups for one level, and after that you'd switch to the TP rolls and the circular 'tops' so you can continue to control and manipulate your results as your swelling and growth increases.

This is also a great way to transition from the medium cups to the large (I have the Contoured large cups) and this helps me transition and control what part of my breasts I'm targeting my session at. I've noticed that this makes a huge difference in my Noogling experience and I effing love the control it gives me. It's helped me build up a better foundation, especially in those small ways we don't notice until we notice them, lol. I really love that this enables me to direct my swelling and growth where I want it, so for example, those people looking for more volume in certain areas, simply tilt or angle the part which lays flat against your breast how you need it, to force the vacuum to provide more suction in the targeted area (such as over-bust cleavage and under-bust cleavage)… this is great because even if you're NOT looking to grow but ONLY to get volume or cleavage, you could, say, take your (example: 95 cm bust) and use these stoppers to manipulate your SHAPE without the measuring tape changing numbers. ALSO if you're someone starting out from scratch it will help to build a nice base and control your shape a bit more as you grow. The difference is that to grow you'd change the height of the TP roll by decreasing the TP roll size as your breast size or swelling Increases; and in order to just shape the breast without growth, you wouldn't, you'd focus your Noogling sessions on creating target spaces by angling the Noogle Stopper and manipulating where the bulk of the suction goes. Your sessions also wouldn't be 7:2, they'd be longer and more gentle.

When I use my mediums I use 3 different levels. I like to warm up with 10 mins of my level 1 pringle can lid, then change it to the TP rolls, with my cardboard 'TP Toppers' which I keep decreasing in height throughout my session. When I use my CL cups, I warm up with my mediums, and then go for my Large cups. Always use the Noogle Stopper Smile

I hope that this helps, for anyone wondering or starting out... follow the link to the Noogleberry forum post I linked above. The post has detailed pictures and explanations, and when I update it again, that's where it'll be.

I'm sorry it took soooo long Blush

**Sending you all positive vibes**
Thanks SO much for that Dreamkist!!
The pringles can trick has been thrown around here for awhile now, but I'm SOOO glad to finally have a visual and your research is amazing.
I'll add this one to my pile of great NBE tips.

Hope your staying safe
lol know! I created the pringles can trick! Wink   But I admit the original Nipple stopper solution that wasn't a tape or band-aids was actually the Tennis ball trick started by a different user. I changed the purpose and materials to suit my needs because I wasn't ONLY trying to prevent nipple or areola stretching. Turns out Toilet paper Rolls are WAY MORE VERSATILE!!!! AND I recommend them MORE than the pringles cans. I did use the pringles cans for a couple years at least however the updated version is still better, more flexible, customizable, and cost-effective.

The problem with my first idea was yogurt containers which were nice and soft, but they're different sizes everywhere so i can't recommend a specific container for everyone. Pringles cans were all same sizes and available around the world which was part of the reason I posted them first, however I found them to be too rigid and difficult to work with, and nothing else met my criteria. The TP rolls actually ended up being a better option all around AND they're always available, lol waste not want not, right!

A DIY solution I haven't tried yet is the ring protectors for the base of the cups, I was hoping someone would make an updated idea, lol.
SO if there are any new ideas please let me know!
Thank you so much for posting this, using TP rolls is such a great idea! Unfortunately, I am banned from the Noogleberry forum (no idea why, it happened after trying to register), but your explanation already helps a lot even without pictures Smile

Wow. Is this destiny? I was looking for nipple solutions because mine are naturally protruded.

Big Grin Appreciate you so much for returning to share!



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