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Where do I begin??
Hi I’m 17 and currently a 32B ( probably a 30B tho because my upper body is very skinny ). 

I want to make my boobs fuller and go up a cup size maybe. How can I do that? 

I’ve read threads saying fenugreek capsules and noogleberry? 
I don’t want to take any supplement or buy and products ( I’ll buy food and herbs ). Can you eat raw fenugreek? I’m clueless.. So what can I do? 

And how do I massage? And does oil make a difference?

Thank you!! 

P.S: is this the right forum/thread for this post? I’m new
Fenugreek does not have any innate ability to target breasts. Taking fenugreek pills will add fat all over your body including your breasts. To target just your breasts, grind fenugreek into a fine power (electric coffee grinder) and mix with oil, coconut, almond or aloe vera oil and massage into your breasts. Let the mixture soak for 1 week stirring occasionally before use. I don't believe method of massage is important, just gentle massage all over breasts for 5 minutes twice a day. Yes, oil is important.
BTW if you decide to go with Noogleberry, buy the medium or possibly the large. The small is too small for anybody. Another brand to look at is Bosom Buddy with their electric pump.


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