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Is swelling a sign that growth will eventually happen?
I haven't posted here in a really long time because I pretty much gave up on NBE for a very long time. Puberty started for me when I was 11 and stopped when I was 12. I don't really know what happened, but I have one breast that is small (small B) but developed, and one breast that is undeveloped (and a small A) and doesn't respond to anything.  I'm currently about right in the middle of the healthy weight range and have been here for a long time, but I've weighed less and I've been 30 pounds overweight before and my developed breast will change w/ weight changes and my undeveloped breast won't even change with weight changes. I tried herbs in 2013 and my developed breast would start to respond and my undeveloped one still wouldn't respond so I'd have to stop to keep them from being even more uneven. I tried massage for months doing Rose Blossoms program because we had such similar stories, and the undeveloped one still wouldn't respond. It felt hopeless and like my undeveloped breast was never going to change.

I decided to try a breast pump as my last ditch effort, and I decided to start with the Kangzhu because I didn't have any expectations that it was going to actually even work for me because the underveloped breast won't respond to anything, so I didn't want to invest in a noogleberry until I knew if I would respond. I'm only doing the undeveloped one because I'm trying to make it actually respond and become developed and I just don't know what else to do anymore. 

Today is day 5. I'm currently only doing 30 minutes (3: 10 minute sessions w/ small breaks of about 5 minutes w/ heat in between) 2 x a day, and I'm planning on slowly increasing it every week. The swelling doesn't last all day or anything right now but I do get some swelling afterwards. It's not really that visibly noticeable (but it is slightly noticeably by looking down at it) but if I cup my breast afterwards it's heavier for a few hours afterwards. Is this a good sign that growth will eventually follow or can you get swelling and have it never turn into growth? I'm so desperate to have the undeveloped one actually respond to something. I'm having to use the large Kangzhu even though it's a bit too big because that's the only one available, even if it takes a bit more work, but it seems to not be an issue as I can still get it to inflate. 

So is swelling for a few hours afterwards a good sign that I should eventually respond?


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