What do I do? Kangzhu Cups, I can only find large...


Large works for my left breast, but the last time I used the large Kangzhu on my right, it enlarged the base of my breast, but not the area around my nipple. So, basically, it's a bit misshapen. I can't find a smaller cup to try and correct it, so what do I do?

Any short term results you see has little relevance to the long term with any suction system. The same negative pressure is affecting the entire breast area inside the cup. The only way to really know how much long term gain you are getting is to apply suction regularly over a long period of time and then view the actual changes to breast tissue. What you see right after a suction session is meaningless.

What I'm referring to is gains from almost 3 years ago. ? At least I know it works? Haha Long story short, I have almost no underboob on my breast.

It's always best to provide ample information when asking advice. I can't really say why you're not getting more even enlargement. Everyone's physiology is a bit different. I might have to do with nutrients in your diet or something.

Personally, I'm about fed up with the Kangzhu set just because the darn thing keeps coming apart when I try to use it. I'm thinking of order a Noogleberry set. I'm not sure it would help with your situation, but obviously trying something different might be a good idea.

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