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Help to understand my hormones, please! - MY PANEL HERE. HORMONE TEST
Hello darlings

I'm quite unsure what does it mean; I haven't been yet to the Endo, but I opened the blood test's result and...I don't why it seems my testosterone levels are quite higher than E, overall.

My background:

Born in 1993, almost 27 years to be.
Never had issues with my periods: came when I was 11 and I just have had two missing periods after all this time
Got birth controls when I was 15 to 17 and then 19 to 20 years old. Heavy periods. Thanks God they're gone.

Now I visited the Endocrinologist to make sure if I have just idiopathic hirsutism or not. These are my results. it is in spanish but most of the names are equal

I know it is been a while since you asked about it. I noticed two things: 
First your TSH, I‘m not sure how this is handled in Spain, but in Germany a TSH over 2,5 indicates thyroid issues. Also Ft3 and ft4 are missing, so I would advise you to go to a specialist..

Second your testerone is in the upper range of normal, which already can lead to hirsuitsm. Some women are just more sensitive to testerone in general. I can only speak from my own experience (I‘m diagnosed with pcos) but when my testerone was in your range I already suffered from severe cystic acne, hairloss and hirsutism.


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