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Question: growth, period, stagnant?
Does anyone get growth, and then have their period, and then feel stagnant afterwards?

I’m on MissMadScientist’s program, and I assume that she had consistent growth even after her stopweek (period-she was on BC).

I’m not on BC, and I started with a 32AA (a flat chest), I use PC.

So I’m thinking it could be that due to my size and circumstances, maybe I need to take a small break every now and then to get my body prepped for another round of growth?

Or it could be that the PC isn’t enough, until my natural levels rise later into my cycle?

Any insight or advice would help.
I know I also should be more patient. I just want to do what’s best for my body, and it’s hard knowing since there’s no set path that’s successful for everyone.

Thank you in advance!
- MariaAM
I’m also thinking, maybe my PC is expired? I’ve had it for a long time, so I’m going to order a new one.

However, after I try it, if I still don’t feel growth, I’ll consider adding regular breaks to my program after my period. Maybe:

Option 1:
- 1 month off (to flush out excess hormones, and break from flax and soy intake)
- 1 month on program (starting after period, to get a full month of growth)


Option 2:
- period
- 2 week break
- 2 week on program
- restart cycle

The only thing with option 2 is that I feel growth for 2 weeks (still better than none) won’t be as effective as getting a full month of growth at a time.

However, with option 1, I’m worried that after a month break, I’ll lose the progress I’ve made on my breasts.

Any thoughts anyone? Your experience and help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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