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Estrogen advice needed! HRT ?
I recently registered on this forum, but have read and tried a lot in the past, with little result.
Im 40, and I always felt that my feminine features never completely developed. My breasts have a nice shape, but are so small...I have tried herbs (fenugreek, pueraria), tried flaxseed and BO, butas I said, not much grow, was only swell in my luteal, then all was gone. Sometimes the swell was better, sometimes very little. BO also was not so good, I suppose because of my low body temperature,always cold feet and hands.
I also have hirsutism, a nightmare...hair on my face, strong black roots especially on my chin.
I have had my testosterone levels tested, and found it being in normal limits. My doctor said that I have strong  testosterone active receptors.
My goal is to lower androgenic activity in the body, and also raise my estrogen level, in order to get rid of unwanted hair, also to get more development of feminine features, especially larger breasts.
So I was reading and searching a lot on the internet, and found spironolactone.I asked my dermatologist doctor about this, and he told me that is a good medicine, pretty safe when is about low doses. It acts primarily through competitive binding of testosterone receptors.
I stared taking spironolactone, first month 50 mg/day, then 100 mg/day and had some little growth, also my periods were lighter, with no big pains as before.
Taking spironolactone, I reduced testosterone activity in my body, but I wanted more: I wanted to add some estrogen in my regimen.
So, I started taking Yasmin AC, but couldnt do this for long, becouse of bad side effects. This gave me terrible depression,low mood, very low self esteem, anxiety, felt to cry for nothing, and the worst was lack of libido.
I realised that the desire was zero, also the physical sensations were diminuated a lot, so not good at all. I wasnt feeling like myself at all.
I intend to let my body recover after this experience, then try another method of estrogen suplimentation.
I was reading pretty much about hormone replacement therapy, and now I get to the point I need your opinion and advices.
I know there are risks, but maybe sometimes are overestimated?? Maybe adding some estrogen in estradiol form is not so bad for what I want. I heard that estradiol valerate is the best form to take it, and is less dangerous than etynilestradiol found in many
oral contraceptives.
I know that many doctors discourage HRT, but I have this question: is HRT more dangerous that taking contraceptives?
If yes, why is that? Why you can buy contraceptive so easily, with no prescription, even there are a lot of risks written in prospect, but when is about HRT things are very much difficult? There are hormones in both of them! Now I am talking about combined contraceptives.
I know that contraceptives block your body to produce its own hormones, so you get what is in the pill, but when is about HRT, hormones from this add to your natural produced hormones.
I would try a topical estrogen form, like a spray or a gel, instead oral HRT pills.
In all prospects I find that women that have uterus need a progestin also 10 days a month.
And now my second big question is: if I still have period (so no menopause), means my ovaries produce natural progesteron every month, so still need take a form of syntetic progesteron?
 I would really apreciate to find out some opinions about all these!
Thank you!


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