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rate my routine + some questions!
hi! first of all, i’m in love with this forum. it has so much information, resources & helpful people.

i’m looking to grow my breasts with herbal supplements. i tried to compile my own routine and it looks like this:

estrogenic: oral pueraria mirifica 2500 mg
pro-hormone: fats/protein
pro-aromatase: oral licorice root extract 660 mg
potentiator: oral nettle root extract 1260 mg
anti-androgen: oral reishi mushrooms extract 1200 mg, saw palmetto extract 320 mg, spearmint extract 800 mg

i also got topical progesterone cream & oral msm supplement. is this enough/safe for visible growth and not getting breast cancer?

also, do i need to consume more calories than my daily expenditure to gain breast tissue? or is it enough to eat an appropriate amount of protein & fat?

thank you for being patient with me!
Hi Cinnamon, and welcome.
I would recommend to start slowly with the PM 2500mg is a lot.
Try 500mg for a week and see how your body takes to it.
Also add Calcium to your mix, probably 500 to 600 mg per day. PM eats up the calcium so you need t replace it.
Be careful of the licorice too. Its recommend to not use this for an extended time.
Your breast growth will be slow so dont become discouraged.
Take your measurements, and reference pictures. The tape or the pictures will lie so you need a source you like better.

And dont forget to massage. Its free and you can get to know the girls.

What is your current measurements, and body build. Skinny girls need more fat and others not so much.



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