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Lil boobs Big dreams, NBE starting program
Hi lovelies,

I've just recently started my journey into obtaining my dream size, I'm sharing my program in hopes that people on the forum who have more experience could help me see if what I'm doing makes sense or if I should be adjusting certain things and whatnot. Any advice is very appreciated, I feel a little lost in the sauce with all the info floating around here. 

So about me: I'm 22 yo, 5" 3', about 100 pounds, have always had very small boobs, could barely fit my 32A bras. 

Current: 32A
Goal: 32C

As of now I am trying NBE, trying to eat more to gain some weight and adding protein powder in my kitchen for the same reason. Every day I'm taking: 1 tbsp of ground flaxseeds (~7g), 320 mg of saw palmetto extract in the morning and another at night (total of 640 mg), 500 mg of shatavari in the morning and another at night (total of 1000 mg), and a breast enhancement supplement I found online called Bust Bunny (list of ingredients says it contains: Vit C, fennel seed, red clover, motherwort, flaxseed, chasteberry, hops, fenugreek, yam, dong quai, black cohosh, blessed thistle, and watercress). The saw palmetto extract and the shatavari are a new addition after one month of just bust bunny, I used to just drink a cup of spearmint tea but switched it for the saw palmetto extract, I have also just added a fenugreek supplement (610mg in the morning). And I still take birth control which I don't know how to account for. 

I'll add some pictures on the 3 month mark but for now I don't feel comfortable enough showing the tiny twins hehe Blush

I try to massage my breasts everyday at least for 10 min and I am also getting a noogleberry in the mail soon hoping it'll help too.
I skip massages sometimes because it's hard to fit it in my schedule but I try to be consistent because I'd like to gain the confidence that comes with loving your body and liking the vessel you inhabit

Anyways, as I said, any input would be appreciated, I know some girls here have had success with their program and I'm hoping I could reach their results sometime too. My main concern is that in my current program I just take he same thing everyday (during my period I half what I'd take so I don't get too much of a heavy flow), but some of what I've seen looks like I should be cycling through herbs depending on what menstrual phase I'm in, which I don't know if I should adapt to and change my whole program to fit into?? I found this doc while browsing on other users profiles and I don't know if I should just ditch my whole routine and change it to this or if I should stick with what I'm doing even though it feels too simple and wait for results at the 6 month mark.

Thanks for all your help!! I hope you're all doing great on your journeys as well and that this holiday season doesn't have any of you too stressed ! Sending all my love, best of luck with your day <3

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