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Finally... A Bovine Ovarian Supplement Worth Looking into
Hi y'all!

I'm back with product.

just wanted to let you know if anyone is looking for decent priced/ great quality bovine ovarian supplements, I got a three-pack deal that's competitive with Swanson's but does not contain the nasty fillers that irritate peoples guts. 
That was one thing I really truly appreciated about bountiful breast, although very pricey it was well worth it and a great product that I grew from as many of you ladies know.  
I came out with my own brand of bovine ovarian supplements: TCM Thrive (Women's Tonifier)
I'm bringing back the high milligram content per capsule and it's just simple @550mg
Argentinian sourced glands/Saw Palmetto extract.

And looking back at when Ultra Breast was on the market, it was such a great deal and it to me was pretty decent quality.

In fact Ultra Breast was the first product I took to get my first growth spurt  and more and then I finished it off with bountiful breast product.

This is something I've always wanted to do. I didn't think that I would actually do it but seeing that there were so many ladies getting in touch with me emails, it just felt right.
it's not just about feminization, there's
fertility issues that a lot of women struggle with. so many would like to have children in this was such a blessing in regulating my cycle and extending my fertility I'm almost 40 and I have no issues with my cycle since being on it!

Info if anyone is interested:

Here's my unboxing:


USA orders
Venmo: Rubae_Fox (I'm the woman in the black hat in red lipstick).

PayPal: tibetan113atgmail.com
1 bottle= $18.75 +  $5 shipping ( $23.75)
3 pack= $45.75+ $5 shipping ($50.75)
(discounted to $15.25 per bottle @ 90 day supply)



Available now on eBay (3 Pack deal here):

Hi! The information below is a compiled cheat from my very own personally devised protocol for natural breast enhancement. I grew from an A cup to DD in a year and a half. I started my breast growth journey practically at 31!
It should be reassuring to know it’s never too late to start! It’s simply what worked for me. You can read my testimony on my blog: 
While I cannot promise this method will work for you, this is not to say this won’t. Bovine Ovarian supplements have been reported to have a 90% success rate, so  being that this was the only thing that had worked for me, I believe it’s true! But no matter what, at the very least, you can treat this as an opportunity to research what has worked for someone else ( as well as for many)  to help you devise a personalized/tailored protocol that will work for you.
All the links herein are resources that I have used and just so you know, I am not making a single penny from them, besides the sale of my breast tonic on my blog site. It’s entirely your choice as to whether or not you choose to go with these resources.
So before we start, it is advised to seek physician advice before attempting any form of Natural Breast Enhancement. Breast cancer can feed off of virtually any hormone type substance including the simplest of things we used daily, such as hair care products, birth control, food ingredients etc. And Bovine Ovarian supplements are no different. They are rich in the perfect substances that will nourish your hormone-making glands.
Have you had your recent hormone panel done to know what hormones are currently dominant? 
This is where I started. I did not wish to guess, doing "the needle in the haystack approach". Been there, done that! Failed!
Yes, this is what I suggest you to do.  Please test all female hormones: prolactin, estrogens 1,2,3,  progesterone, testosterone- DHT.
Here are some options for blood labs/saliva I have personally used:  http://www.zrtlab.com/ (Check for Canada)  http://www.healthonelabs.com/ 
All you need is saliva panel or blood panel not both.
If you find on your labs you are testosterone- dominant ( by your doctor or the reference ranges listed on your labs): 
For anti androgens (testosterone, DHT), you can start with saw palmetto or white peony root  (check mountainroseherbs.com) about 1500mg daily (split up dose into two, am/pm).
You can also try pygeum bark. I have used all of these with success. Find your magic dose. Mine was 500mg of each together and then I adjusted down or up , depending on how I felt each cycle to come.
When taking anti-androgens, start with that for the first cycle or two, then introduce double strength breast tonic (BO).
You will NEED a breast pump at some point (typically introduced at month/cycle 2 if prolactin is in range or below):
I suggest not pumping till you know where your prolactin levels lie along with your other hormones ( really important.) Depending on your test results, You may need some topical progesterone or additional  herbs  along with BO, but we always start with BO for a couple cycles first, then evaluate and add other herbs if necessary. If your prolactin is slightly high, introduce pumping later, around 3-4 month. Hand massage is fine, starting in your first cycle. When massaging and pumping, use an oil such as flaxseed, coconut, avocado, seabuckthorne, or plain vitamin E oil. 
Pump at least 30 minutes 2x daily am/pm or an hour upon wakeup or at night before bed.  You can use the breast pump as instructed. As for myself, I used their largest dome to start (recommended for those at size 34 band +). Also, I only pumped using one dome at a time, I’d do 15 minutes pumped (about 8 pumps for me) and held on each breast, then release (there is a green or pink interlock at the end of each dome to hold or release air) and massage for 5 minutes after on that breast and moved the dome to the other and did the same thing, repeatedly for an hour. Please do not over pump, doing so will cause broken blood vessels and they can really stop your growth and ruin your breast veins and tissues. That is often a purple swollen breast. Don’t pump till purple, just gently bring the pressure up with each pump.
There’s a  little silicone ring these domes come with. You have to put them on each dome. The problem is, they often come off and using the domes without them, are rather painful. I went to the 99cent only store and bought black silicone adhesive. I glued the ring onto the dome and set it aside for a day. It worked out perfectly for sealing the breast tissue in without bubbles escaping and dome falling out.
For your first go at it, follow the contour of the dome and bend over and place the whole of your breast in that dome pressed snugly against your chest wall. Once it’s on, hook up your tube n hand pump to the dome and pump  1, 2,3 and so on. Then release the little toggle as needed. Once you are comfortable with the pressure, hold that pressure for as long as you feel comfortable, play with it.
Estrogen dominant on labs:
I used progesterone bio identical from my MD/ND off /on. When I couldn’t  afford it, I went with either of these(which also worked quite well): Kokoro
Creme/47394432?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=153&adid=22222222228035870916&w mlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=m&wl3=76432745434&wl4=pla-
177513340834&wl5=9031417&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=108360730&wl11=online&w l12=47394432&wl13=&veh=sem
That means, start BO with progesterone (use as directed on label). The key is to start both in the same monthly cycle. I used  progesterone cream 5 days sooner in my cycle  than advised on label for the first 2 months. By the 3rd, it did nothing for me. So I just used as directed each cycle
from then on. And some of those days when I was supposed to use it, I’d skip. So use progesterone only when you feel you need it during each monthly cycle. Remember, rotate in different areas. You can shut off your breast receptor sites if used topically around your breast area. If receptors in your breasts become overloaded with progesterone hormone, they will become desensitized. It can take many monthly cycles before it’s chelated out. Not to mention it feeds cancerous cells should any lie dormant.
If your labs denote progesterone dominant(rare): 
Research estrogenic herbs before deciding on one as there are many. I was low on all hormones. Unfortunately, just herbals alone did nothing in my past NBE attempts.  So my estrogenic herb I chose to help along with BO,  were saw palmetto and wild yam. Those really helped balance my estrogen without bringing over. I used saw palmetto all cycle long  with BO since it kept androgens under control. Anytime one attempts to bring up estrogen, your risking bringing up androgens(testosterone). So choose an anti-androgen herb that converts DHT into estrogen ( such as the herbs mentioned herein).
Wild yam came in later around 5 month. Though wild yam has more of an adaptogenic effect, it definitely helped keep estrogen and progesterone in balance as I grew with BO. I used that maybe last half of my cycle( 2 weeks before menses consistently- all month, I got dry eyes!). Pueraria Mirifica was too strong, threw my cycle off even at 10 days usage. Topical pueraria Mirifica cream however, maybe okay, but once you So there are very strong phyto estrogens and very weak ones. 
https://www.bountifulbreast.com/before-a...irect=true Or you can purchase mine which I have used:
Protein  intake should  be an extra 30-40gms on top of your normal caloric intake. They say 80gms extra, but I found that for me, that was too much. Besides, you can always up your protein over the weeks of observing how its working for you.
3 divided doses is best per day whether it’s pill form or tincture form (my method). Whey is the best source for protein. I have ordered Premiere brand whey drinks that are 30gms in each. I did that daily ( 15gm in am\ 15gms pm).
You can find that at Costco online( not sure if it is available in Canada).
You Theory  brand collagen type 1-2-3. I took up to 6gms daily of it. This supplement helps build your tissues while taking the Breast tonic. 
Omega 3:  2-3 gms per day. 
Multi B vitamin is also recommended.
When it's time for breast pumping:
Pumping every other day is recommended. At least 30 min to boost circulation. The nutrients will go to the breasts much easier.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00KJ6KDMA/ref=pd_aw_sbs_121_of_32?ie=UTF8&dpID= 51dodg0PbnL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_SL500_SR100%2C100_&refRID=1PT3YR75GJNRX2ZHZ14F#i mmersive-view_1454375263675
When starting your Breast tonic, Start your tonic on the first day of your cycle ( period starts) if you can. Same with BO pills. Remember to start low,  especially if you are under 100lbs and always take it first thing upon waking (with your protein  before breakfast). 
Try starting with 15 drops 3x a day for the first month. Then up it to 20-25 drops x 3 daily. See how you feel over the next month. Adjust based on your evaluation. I doubt you would need any more than 60 drops a day at your weight, but that's the thing, you need to make that call for yourself or seek the advice of your physician. If you are taking BO pills, take as instructed on the bottle.
Things you may feel:
*Your  "wetness" during follicular (days 1-12of your menstrual cycle) is more wet.
* Your  pheromones odor down there may change to more strong ( its annoying, but its a good thing that lets you know its working) and its not permanent, its only while taking it. 
*Aching in the breasts here and there, stings, pricks or needling sensations, shooting pangs may happen.
* twinges or aching in the ovaries
* Darkening of the areolas
* late or mid-cycle bleeding, which should balance out sometime within 3 months.
If you have to lower your dose some days, that's fine. It’s okay to skip when you feel the aches and twinges in the ovaries are a bit too much. That means you can back down on your dose for as long as you need to. But feeling a bit here and there is fine throughout your cycle, though it should not be overbearing, or burning. Stop and see your physician if you are in pain or feel burning. 
The first 3-4 months is when you should see some accrued growth, seeable. But just remember, its slow and gradual overtime with a few growth spurts in between (if you're one of  the lucky ones). That's pretty much it, you just want to make sure you give BO a real dedicated  chance for at least 6 months before deciding it doesn't work for you. If you are starting with little to no breast tissue, it could take even longer. I hear its 6-9 months. If you have developed breasts, you should see growth /changes 2-3 months. Remember, it takes roughly 7 years to go from bites to fully developed breasts. So patience, consistency, and believing is key!
Welcome to the alternative methods of achieving a more beautiful bustline! 
a.k.a. FertilityQueen
Email: tibetan113atyahoo.com


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