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Finally... A Bovine Ovarian Supplement Worth Looking into
Hi y'all!

I'm back with product.

just wanted to let you know if anyone is looking for decent priced/ great quality bovine ovarian supplements, I got a three-pack deal that's competitive with Swanson's but does not contain the nasty fillers that irritate peoples guts. 
That was one thing I really truly appreciated about bountiful breast, although very pricey it was well worth it and a great product that I grew from as many of you ladies know.  
I came out with my own brand of bovine ovarian supplements: TCM Thrive (Women's Tonifier)
I'm bringing back the high milligram content per capsule and it's just simple @550mg
Argentinian sourced glands/Saw Palmetto extract.

And looking back at when Ultra Breast was on the market, it was such a great deal and it to me was pretty decent quality.

In fact Ultra Breast was the first product I took to get my first growth spurt  and more and then I finished it off with bountiful breast product.

This is something I've always wanted to do. I didn't think that I would actually do it but seeing that there were so many ladies getting in touch with me emails, it just felt right.
it's not just about feminization, there's
fertility issues that a lot of women struggle with. so many would like to have children in this was such a blessing in regulating my cycle and extending my fertility I'm almost 40 and I have no issues with my cycle since being on it!

Info if anyone is interested:

Here's my unboxing:


USA orders
Venmo: Rubae_Fox (I'm the woman in the black hat in red lipstick).

PayPal: tibetan113atgmail.com
1 bottle= $18.75 +  $5 shipping ( $23.75)
3 pack= $45.75+ $5 shipping ($50.75)
(discounted to $15.25 per bottle @ 90 day supply)



Available now on eBay (3 Pack deal here):



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