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Hello everybody. Im 30 yrs old 5'4 tall, 103 lbs and a deflated 34 B. My goals are 34 D-DD and 115-118 lbs. I've breastfed 4 times and am fertile af. I have a kangzhu pump I've been using for the last week with some massage. I have hashimoto's disease so I'm wondering what can be done aside from pumping/massaging for growth. Im planning on doing the aip diet around Christmas to help gain weight/heal my gut and thyroid as well.

A few months ago I experimented with Bartlowes PM from amazon by emptying the caps into absolute vodka and dissolving for week and 1/2, then mixed it into coconut oil and massaged with it once a day, then a heating pad on after for 30 mins every day for 2 weeks. It turned out like a thick serum. I think it needed more liquid. But I didnt have any negative reactions and I had to stop due to a miserable tooth infection but I did feel what I thought were growth pains just after 3 days of using it. 

I've read using PM internally can lower t4 levels which is why I only wanted to use it topically. Im wondering if it would be ok to keep massaging with topical herbs, will it still mess with my thyroid since I cant take them internally?


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