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Nursing Mom
I'm about to wean my 16 month old, but part of me doesn't want to just because I want to keep the boobs! I have half the supply I used to, but my boobs have stayed about the same size. So, before I wean, I've decided to try some methods while I have a bit of an advantage, and I'm not on birth control. I researched herbs listed here that are safe for baby, and came up with blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel seed, milk thistle, and goat's rue. Mommy Knows Best is the brand I am using for all the herbs, mainly because most are combined, and I only then need to take 2 pills 4 times a day. It also instructs you not to drink 15 mins before and wait 15 mins after, besides like 2oz to swallow them. I'm already getting some pains I didn't get before, but who knows yet what those mean! Any tips?


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