BO, MSM and Flax oil?


I was reading that BO is so powerful it shouldn't be used with herbs, so no flax oil? 

Also reading that since msm is essentially a detoxing method that it might stop effe ts of BO. 

Also, Dandelion root is supposed to be a detoxification method, would one think it wouldn't help BO?

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Not sure if this is even helpful this late, but  I have read that flax oil applied topically (massage) has a different effect than internal. I'm doing BO currently with fenugreek pill and flax massage. 
It's been a couple weeks and not sure about cycling currently because I have an IUD, but my growth stopped since upping BO. Still early to call it a trend.
I haven't seen anything about MSM counteracting BO. That doesn't compute for me, BO is animal tissue and MSM is a mineral. I'd think MSM should support tissue growth from BO. But idk! Surfer Joe had some tips for MSM, I bought some after reading his post. 

To me, detoxification should not hurt BO-more likely help it. BUT I am 100% not a doctor nor amateur nutritionist. I have read a lot about antioxidants because I have arthritis and treat inflammation with food.

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