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Is breast augmentation surgery effective?

I am 18 years old and I am an aspiring model. And I do modeling assignments during my college holidays. It is a parttime job. I am satisfied with all my body features except my uneven breasts. My right breast is bigger than the left one. Because of this, I feel less confident and some of the dresses are not suiting me even though after adjusting my brassieres. I tried some natural exercises recommended by my personal fitness trainer. But it didn't work for me.

The head of the modeling agency in which I am working suggested me to do a breast augmentation surgery here in a clinic in Toronto. I am really scared and don't know about this. Had anyone done breast augmentation surgery? Whether it is effective and safe? Please share your experiences.

Bad idea, I have read too many horror stories of breast augmentation gone wrong. Even if everything goes right, in about 10 years you will have to have them removed.

Lots of info on this site. Start with massaging your breast 5 minutes twice a day with aloe vera, almond, or coconut oil. This will be very slow progress, but it does work and is safe. Consider adding fenugreek to the oil to speed things up (but you may not like the smell). Good luck  Wink
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James is 100% correct.

Here are my favorite massage threads to make your search a bit easier:


There is a lot of help available here. Just ask.


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