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Please help me improve my current program (not getting results) - pics included
Hey ladies
I have been trying NBE this year, so far no success and thought I would have a break from the herbs and then get my hormones tested before trying any new program.
So I have only been taking milk thistle for the last couple of months because I heard it’s good for the liver and for clearing out any phytohormones that might have been in my system from the herbs I took when I first tried NBE program at the start of this year. Below are my recent results that I just got back.  
Day 3 of menstrual cycle
Ref. range
Progesterone                            1.2 nmol/L  (0.38 ng/mL)                        (0.5 ng/mL) menstrual                            See Image 1.0
Oestradiol                                 91 pmol/L (25 pg/mL)                              (25 – 60 pg/mL) menstrual                    See Image 2.0
Prolactin                                    260 mIU/L (12.22 ng/mL)                        (2 – 29 ng/mL)
Testosterone                             0.9 nmol/L (0.28 ng/mL)                          (0.08 – 0.6 ng/mL)
Free Testosterone                    11 pmol/L (3 pg/mL)                                 (< 9.5 pg/mL)
SHBG                                          58 nmol/L                                                   (18 – 114 nmol/L)
DHEA Sulphate                         4.5 umol/L                                                   (1.2 – 10.3 umol/L)
Plasma IGF-1                            155 ug/L                                                       (80 – 292 ug/L)
And Day 33 of menstrual cycle (1 week after my temp goes up and 1 week before next period starts)
Progesterone                            24.8 nmol/L  (7.8 ng/mL)                        (8 - 18 ng/mL) menstrual                       See Image 1.0
Oestradiol                                  391 pmol/L (106.5 pg/mL)                     (50 – 370 pg/mL) menstrual                  See Image 2.0

Image 1.0

Image 2.0

I should mention my cycles currently are longer than average and more like 6 weeks than 4 weeks in the pictures. Although I think that’s because it’s been winter here in the southern hemisphere. In the beginning of the year in summer they were between 4 to 5 weeks long. Last year when I was on the pill they were only 4 weeks as it forced it like this. (Levlen ED, Levonorgestrel 150ug and ethinyloestradiol 30 ug) I came off the pill over a year ago now though before trying any NBE program.
I’m not sure if it was winter or taking herbs or because I was massaging that made my period longer but I have stopped all herbs now and have only been taking milk thistle and still my period is around 5 to 6 weeks long so I’m thinking it’s just the cold season in the southern hemisphere…?   
My last herb program consisted of something similar to Chiyomilk’s. I would take PM during follicular and stop PM during luteal and instead I took small amounts of (in order of highest to lowest) saw palmetto, wild yam root, dandelion root, black cohosh, red clover and vitex. I also took collagen and pig placenta everyday and sometimes a tea drink with Chinese dates, astragalus root and ginger. I also massage twice a day with IsoSensuals Enhance breast enlargement cream that has voluplus in it.
But I noticed nothing at all after doing this for 4 cycles (almost half the year)…. Sad
At the start though I did once feel maybe the slight tenderness around the nipple and breasts when I first tried PM but it didn’t continue for the next months and never noticed any growth.
So after the break and now knowing where my natural hormones level are I thought I would first ask you knowledgeable people on Breast Nexus what I should try differently. It would be good to know if there is anyone out there that has similar hormone levels to me and what programs they tried that worked for them. Actually I’m also wondering if there is anything where someone has put together something that say what program to do if your hormone levels are X because I think that would be useful for everyone as you would also know what not to try. Like as a visual chart that people could use as a reference as it has on one axis people’s hormones and on the other axis programs that worked or didn’t work or showed some kind of correlation.  
Anyway I was thinking of trying mad scientist soy and flax seed powder with a high fibre almost vegetarian diet program as sounded like she got good quick results but first wanted to ask other people if they think it’s the correct thing for me to try.
I should also mention that I also have a Fibroadenoma, which I have had checked and been told it is not cancerous. But because I have I also don’t want to experiment too much with herbs that effect my hormones. It would be good to also know if anyone else on here has one or has had one and what they did about it; and if they had any success with one while they had it or after they had it removed. And if they got it removed how did they do it and what’s the best way? Is there a way for the body to naturally remove the lump or where to go for the best surgical techniques to have removed?
For a similar reason I’m also thinking this time of trying a program without any herbs at all but not sure yet. Maybe just massaging alone as I don’t think there is any side affects if I do it wrong. I’m not sure yet if I should add any creams, any recommendations for someone with my hormone levels? I’m also not sure but might one day try NB.
Wow sorry for the big post! Hope it might one day be useful for someone else who is similar to me. I should also mention I am currently 27.5” under bust and 29.5” bust, I am of Asian ethnicity and am bottom heavy/pear shaped so puberty definitely happened somewhere on my body Tongue and I’m in my mid-20s. Thanks if you got this far, any help would be most appreciated Big Grin
Here are some photos of me at starting point before my last attempt at PM and other herbs and also here are some of now. Both I think I am an AA cup Shy

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