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Hey y’all!
Hey y’all! 

I’m currently 5’4” , ~270lbs , white female. My goal is to grow my breasts as much as possible without surgical means. I would also like to increase my nipple size.  Following breast growth I would love to inducen lactation. In the past I’ve really only tried (fenugreek?) and some pumping. But life got chaotic and I had to stop

My current size is a 46D 
My goal size is...well...the sky is the limit.

Thoughts, ideas, recommendations are always welcome.  

hey there. my thought first, for anybody, is to get healthy and somewhat trim  …not too trim but mostly healthy. 
yes, i know …so mundane but, it will narrow the torso, somewhat and accentuate the breasts the same way a narrow waist will accentuate hips.
it’s been mentioned here many times but it’s worth getting a hormone blood panel if you suspect you’re out of balance.
it's not always easy but, try to include some raw vegetables and fruits into your diet ..they're full of live enzymes ..good for you
and your breasts. why would you want to lactate…
Try this to grow as much as possible in your situation:

1,200 mg *50% saponin* shatavari or fenugreek extract.
320 mg saw palmetto *extract*
3,000 mg MSM
First half of your cycle (typically first 14 days starting with your period): 250 mg pueraria mirifica or about 1/8 tsp, 1/8 tsp progesterone cream.  Progesterone cream may be applied anywhere; you don't necessarily need to apply to your breasts.
Second half of your cycle: 100 mg PM or about 1/16 tsp, 1/4 tsp PC
If all goes well during your next cycle you can increase to 2,400 mg SV/FG, 500&100 mg PM and 1/8&1/2 tsp PC (1/4 tsp twice a day if possible).  Keep the rest the same.
If all goes well during your next cycle you can increase to 1000&100 mg PM, 1/8&1 tsp PC (1/2 tsp twice a day if possible).  Keep the rest the same.  However you may find that it's better to stay at a max of 500 mg PM and 1/2 tsp PC.

That will provide a lot of growth without taking up too much of your busy schedule.  In my sig there are more difficult ideas to take the growth even further.  Likewise if you have the time you may massage and/or pump to increase growth.

As for lactation, I don't know enough about starting lactation to give a good answer on how to do it or any risks/drawbacks.  I do know that you'll probably need to fully stop the PC at that point, which also means you may want to reduce PM too.



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