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I went to the doctor the other day because I had a query related to my breasts. My skin was getting really irritated due to the tape.

During the visit, he explained to me that getting open wounds on the breasts is very different from getting a wound on your arm or something. You get a small cut on your arm, not that big of a deal. However, even the tiniest of cuts and scabs on the breasts can lead to much bigger problems. Due to the structure of the breasts, it is much easier for germs/viruses to enter and go inside the breast tissue. Treating this can be painful and complicated. 

So it's best to put a band-aid on it and it fully heals and closes.  I don't know who might need this but I just thought everyone her should know cos I care about all you gals and guys  ^_^ 

Some signs to look out for and inflammation, pain, discharge and unusual swelling.


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