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Hormones unresponsive.
I feel like my body is unresponsive. I never developed at all, basically. My butt was a decent size, but boobs always an A or smaller.

When I got pregnant (easily got pregnant and stayed pregnant, very successful with pregnancy and delivery) nothing ever changed. I gained, at most 28 pounds, and it all went away once I had the baby. Both times I was pregnant my breasts never budged a bit. The increased progesterone didn't make my boobs budge a bit. When my milk came all the way in, they were obviously engorged, but only because they were holding milk. 

When I was breastfeeding, nothing about my body changed. I was the same weight before, during and after and have stayed at that weight. The same weight before, during and after pregnancy basically. 

My periods don't do anything to me. They don't give me acne, they don't give me sore boobs my breasts swell zero. I don't get headache or anything, just bad cramps. That is all that happens. But I never change. I always stay the same and have since I was about 13.

What's up?


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