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To the people going to the doctor due to Noogleberry-related ailments...
You girls have to tell the doctor about the Noogleberry. Seriously. I’ve seen a number of posts in which people either say they’ve been seeing a doctor who cannot ascertain the cause of their ailments, or in which they’ve recommended others go to the doctor and just list their symptoms while concealing their use of the Noogleberry.

Doctors cannot see what you do not provide them! They need all the information you can give them. And they have seen so many bizarre, ugly, “embarrassing” conditions, there is really no need to be shy.

The only small insight I am privy to which perhaps some others here are not, is that two of my closest friends, one of whom I lived with for years, are doctors. So I heard not only of their day-to-day experiences in the hospital, but also mingled in their “doctor circles”.

Doctors have no superpowers. They are working from their own knowledge, statistics, and diagnose on educated guesses. If you don't tell them something, it is VERY likely that they will not find it, in spite of blood tests, MRIs, x-rays, and so on. Even when doctors have ALL the information and the resources to conduct all the tests, they often make mistakes because they are exactly like you and I! (Mind-boggling: you might be smarter than your doctor. Rolleyes  I have seen and heard, idiots do graduate from medical school.) So please, for your own sake, work up the courage to tell the truth.

I know it's scary. But also think of this: if enough people come to doctors with Noogleberry complaints, probably the product will some day come under real scrutiny. And we can have a research-based assessment of the Noogleberry.


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