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Topicals and Caloric Surplus // No pills // No pumping
I'm starting a new thread to try to keep myself honest. In my last program I was taking BO with a slew of other things as well as pumping. I have stopped all pills as well as any pumping. Once I organize my place I will be packing them away, to possibly encorporate in the future, but only one at a time if I do. For now I am focusing on my health.

  • Eat 3 meals a day
    • whole foods
    • high fat
    • veggies, fruit, meat, dairy, startch, nuts
    • Organic and grass fed when I can
    • Water!!!
  • Use NON HORMONAL topicals and apply at least 1x daily
    • Almond oil
    • Zhi mu extract
    • Nutmeg extract
    • Drops of lavender EO
I am really trying to keep it simple for myself this time around. Ideally I'll be getting in some workouts as well, but making sure I'm eating well is my FIRST goal and will continue to hold importance over other things. No restrictions of when or how or how long I massage.

Future Considerations
Topicals :
  • Fenugreek extract
  • Natureday extract
  • Glycolic Acid (to encourage collagen and fibroblasts)
  • Dermaroller (reading into if this is actually safe or not)

It's been just over one week since I stopped the pills and pumping and I am still feeling bigger everyday. So maybe all of that stuff is still in my system... or the possibility that it wasn't doing anything and I was mistaking my bodies natural patterns throughout my cycle as "progress". The times I have been the biggest have always had to do with a caloric surplus as well...
So I am a bit smaller now as usual since I’m nearing the end of my period. That’s my smallest point in my cycle. I’m considering bringing working out back and might go today but I always notice when I start working out again I shrink. Perhaps it’s from burning calories? Water weight? Could it be increasing my testosterone? If it does I worry my intense working out since I was 16 could have prevented my growth. 

In any case I’m thinking back on when I was biggest and I was drinking natureday liquid in milk at night and can’t rememeber if I was pumping or not. I still had the bosom beauty then and I’m thinking that may have been a better system since it was more gentle and constantly releasing some pressure. But I was also having a caloric surplus with milkshakes everynight. 

I’m itching to add things again but I’m waiting until at least mid September to watch my body go through two cycles without anything. Then I’ll add things individually.


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