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I am almost 16 years old and i started developing my breast at age 11 and stopped shortly after, and since then my boobs have barely changed and they look type 2 tubular with puffy areola and my cup size is an a but i have a curvy figure so it looks ridiculous. I also got blood taken and i had high testosterone and the doctor said i maybe have PCOS. I am in complete distress I am also on birth control. I believe bovine ovarian helps tuberous breast, but i am a little unsure since i am a teen and stilll developing even though i havent been developing my boobs since i was 11. They look underdeveloped and narrow with puffy areola, my doctor said she thinks my boobs are in the fourth tanner stage and they will develop later but i have had my period for almost 5 ish years and ive developed everywhere else EXCEPT MY BOOBS, and i believe they wont develop anymore! what should i do/take and if im taking BO, how much do i take, how often? any advice would be wonderful i just want to have normal boobs.


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