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HELP! Itchy Nipples??
Hey, so about a month ago I started the supplement protocol I created for myself. I have not been massaging or noogling, although I plan to. And recently my nipples have been really itchy, is this growth or a bad sign? lol

I have had this itchiness occur about a year ago, when I was not doing any sort of routine. It also may be worth mentioning that I have tuberous, underdeveloped breasts and that I got a breast reconstruction years ago to fix that. Ideally, I'd like to grow natural breasts so that I can take the implants out.

Here is my supplement protocol if it helps, it's a lot. But I was overzealous when I first began lol:

[*]Bioperine - 2 pills
[*]B Complex - 2 pills
[*]Ferramax - 1 pill
[*]Biotin - 1 pill
[*]Vitamin D - 5 drops (5000 IU)
[*]Zinc Citrate before Breakfast – 30 mg 
[*]OptiMSM - 2000-3000 mg 
[*]Vitamin C - 1/2 tsp
[*]5HTP – 2 pills
[*]Sacro-B (for candida) – 1 pill
  • Bovine Ovary - 2 pills 
  • Cran-Manose - 1-2 pills (was just taking because i had it and wanted to finish the bottle)
  • Pancreas Enzyme (1-2)/ Digestive Enzyme (5) (alternate between these)
  • Spirulina + Chlorella
  • DHA-500 (4) (for mental health)
  • High Polyphenol Olive Oil (3 tbsp) (again, for mental health)
  • Nutritional Yeast (2.5 tbsp) (occasional, not consistent with this)
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Mix - 6 spoons (i don't know all the herbs in this blend but it's for overall health/healing, I'm working with an ayurvedic doctor that i trust)
  • Matcha Green Tea 
  • Sacro-B – 1 pill
  • Electrolytes (in 2 liters of water includes 1 tsp potassium chloride, 1/2 tsp Himalayan pink salt, 1 tsp baking soda) (i'm not consistent with this, but I do use electrolytes because I'm losing weight and sometimes feel super tired from losing a lot of water weight)
  • ACV - 2 tbsp. (again not consistent with this)
  • Magnesium and/or Melatonin (sometimes)

I'd really appreciate some input with this. Thanks!

The problem with stating with such a complicated routine when you first start is you will not know what is causing the problem if problems do occur. The best way to go about it is to start simple (1 to 3 supplements),  and either expand on the routine, or up the dosage over time. Or do a combination of both.

When you slowly add in supplements over time. i'm talking by the month, not days. You can easily figure out by deduction what went wrong, and either alter the routine or take a step back.


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