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If I have PCOS(testosterone level high),does Bovine ovary help my symptoms?
I have PCOS but my bmi level is under 20.

I don't know why it happens.

but, One thing is certain : I have long and thick body hair(arms and legs) and acne, irregular cycle (most cycles are short)

and  T level is high( I tested in a hospital 4 years ago.... I know it's been a long time since I tested. But since I quit BCP (1 year taking), my cycle is still short)

Sometimes, my cycle goes normal but still short.

it is even 17 days.

BTW, I read before the article that Bovine ovary helps PCOS symptoms.

actually, when biological men take BO, they lose mannish figure forever.

So, If the woman who has PCOS, doesn't BO help PCOS?

I desire to success NBE. not plastic surgery.

please let me know, Thank you


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