What's your growing experience??


Hello Ladies!

So, I've used noogleberry in conjunction with massage, after an extended break I restarted noogleberry and for a few months it was fine... I took a couple months off to deal with some other things and i've noticed that I now have started showing stretch marks on both breasts where before I had none. They are pretty faint right now and not an ginormous issue however they're bound to get bigger, either through noogling or if i'm ever blessed with getting pregnant AND able to breast feed. I always start with a nice massage with a custom body butter/masage butter I make, and I try not to over pump. I'm really surprised because even when i gained a significant amount of weight and lost it, my breasts did not scar or get any stretch marks at all. I also did not get any mark or scars when i've noogled previously.

so now I'm wondering about the experiences of others using Noogleberry or other devices? 

- Have you gotten stretch marks during your use and have you noticed them continuing to develop after you take a break or quit?
-Would or Do you continue to Noogle anyways, even though the stretch-marks and scars continue to grow and expand?
-Has this interferred with your desire to continue your N.B.E journey?
-How have these marks impacted your self esteem overall?

I'm not sure how I want to proceed. I've been using a custom noogling method I'm testing out and I was happy with the smaller changes and improvements I was starting to see in the foundation of my breasts. But with the development of these stretch marks/scars, i'm not sure if Noogling is worth continuing?

Colllectively, would y'all say that bigger breasts with scars is better than smaller ones without scars? or vice versa?

I'm curious to know what you all think.

Thanks for your time!!

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