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Hormone test came back totally normal, where to go from here?
Hi everyone,

I’ve been a longtime lurker on this site and the noogleberry forums, and have dabbled in nbe inconsistently for nearly a year, but now I’ve officially hit a wall.

I’ve always assumed I was estrogen dominant from the way my body distributed weight. I’ve also assumed that my testosterone was rather high due to my dark body and facial hair. Furthermore, I’m very prone to bleeding immediately after I ovulate, and the bleeding lasts around 13 days. I’m 20 years old and rather slim yet pear shaped, if that matters.

With these problems I’ve noticed, I would’ve thought for sure that my hormone test would reflect them. But apparently they’re all within normal range!

In my follicular phase, I massage with fenugreek, epo, and saw palmetto. In my luteal, I use progesterone cream. I massage once in the morning and once at night before I noogle for an hour each time. It’s been two/three weeks, and I’ve noticed no growth, although i assumed that was not uncommon. But with this recent revelation with my test, I’ve got no clue where to go. Could anyone give me guidance?


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